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Brunch Box - Individual


Individual Brunch Boxes perfect for group breakfast, lunch or brunch, and business meetings.  If delivery is required please call us at 613-384-3675 to arrange.

Smoked Salmon Bagel

Housemade bagel with arugula, smoked salmon, red onion, and a lemon dill cream cheese.  Served with a fruit salad. 

Creamy Banana Berry Oats

Creamy thick-cut oats with yogurt, banana, almond milk topped with fresh berries and maple toasted walnuts.  Served with a white chocolate cranberry scone. 

Grapefruit Prosciutto Breakfast Salad

Fresh arugula with grapefruit, crispy prosciutto, toasted almond slices, medium boiled egg, goat cheese, and lemon garlic vinaigrette.  Served with a Croissant. 

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